Monday, 11 July 2011

New Catwalk by Tigi Session Series Collection

This is the new CATWALK by Tigi session series, the collection is one of my favourite ones at the moment the packaging is sleek and professional and would look great on anyones vanity. Im a sucker for packaging anything that looks nice im like a magpie to something shiny :-) . I suppose thats why companies love me lol

The Collection is made up of 7 different products all with a unique perpous of there own.

There are 3 sub catagories

Texturising - For a Beautiful texture matte finish and AMAZING body !!                                                                                               

Holding  - For a flexible hold and beautiful mirror shine finish

Working - Amazing at controling frizz and a pliable hold

These are the products that are included in the collection to suite any hair type and to create pretty much any look              

Transforming Dry shampoo - Amazing for the festival season or for holiday as this adds amazing volume to the hair and can also be used as a finishing spray. It is virtually invisible too which is great for a dry shampoo as sometimes they can look powdery.

Salt Spray - This is by far my favourite product for men and woman its great for adding volume and definition, and to achive  beautiful beachy hair for you lovely people with long locks.

Styling Cream - This is amzing for getting that sleek beautiful shiny hair it tames frizz and and containes shea butter and keratin to keep the hair smooth and sleek even in humudity.

Work it Hairspray - This is one of 2 hairspray in the collection is is the more managable hold and tames frizz and adds a beautiful shine to the hair.

True wax - This is a great product for defining the hair but adding a lovely shine without the hair looking and feeling bulky like you get with some waxes it smells amazing too a blend of vanilla and sandlewood is lovely :-)

Wet look gel - Gel isnt a product to be used as much as it used to be but this one has amazing shine and brilliant hold so you can achieve that city slicker look in an instant without the hair looking like you have stepped out of the 90's (unless you want that of course ;-)  )

Finishing Hairspray - This hairspray is the strongest hold one of this collection it has a beautiful smell of rose vanilla and sensual musk which is a bonus as most hairsprays smell of.....well you get my drift. It has amazing hold but the difference is that this hairspray can be brused out and restyled without leaving a white residue behind which is great if your like me and very indecieve with the look you want to achive.

I would highley recomend these products especially if you want to achieve that "just stepped out of a top salon" look at home there very easy to use smell great and look great!!!

All good salons should retail these products and they are on special offer at the moment for £9.99 per product.

If you do happen to live in the Ipswich area get yourself down to Baiss&Co Hairdressers where the full range is stocked

Hope this is helpfull to anyone if you have any questions drop me a comment and ill answer you best i can :-)

Take care 


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