Saturday, 20 August 2011

Silicone Party Bra Review

Hey Guys and Girls

Sorry its been so long since i have wrote to you as i work 6 days a week so its hard to find the time but i promise you now i am going to make alot more effort to publish new posts.

I have a different kind of product review for you today its for the Silicone Party Strapless Brafrom
As i am quite full busted i asked my sister to review this product because of 2 reasons
1. She is a Hairdresser so she is constantly on the move on a busy day at work
2. Shes a harsh critic lol

First of all ill tell you a little about the Bra itself its made of silicone and has a plastic clasp in the centre the silicone is a beautiful soft material has a very natural feel and look to it.
The clasp in the middle is so once you have applied the bra you clasp it together to achieve that
sexy push-up effect for a plunge neckline dress or top.

It will also increase your bust size as it is like chicken fillets but in a bra form which is a god send for some ladies,
This is definitely a must have for special events or just everyday if you love wearing backless tops or dresses it is so lightweight and stays put which is reassuring so you know if your out for a night on the town it not going to slip down or end up on the dance floor ( that would be slightly embarrassing )
It comes in an A to D cup and in 2 different colours


In the packaging you get instructions on how to take care of the bra its so easy after you wear it
you just get a damp clean cloth with a mild soap and warm water solution wipe over the bra reshape and store it in the box its delivered to you in ITS THAT EASY!!!!

So now for the initial review:

I asked Stacey (my sister) to wear the bra for a full busy shift at work so it was the ultimate test
She started work at 9:00am and finished at 7:00pm

She was actually very surprised with how well the bra stayed on and the comfort of it as she has tried some stick on bras before and they have never been that comfortable or long wearing.

She was especially surprised considering when she was blow drying clients hair it didn't budge,

She isn't blessed with the biggest of boobs so this gave the appearance of a much fuller and rounded bust which she was chuffed to bits with.
The only slight niggle is when she had been wearing it for about 6 hours she did need to adjust it a little but nothing to big to grumble about.

Comfort 4/5
Appearance 5/5
Price 5/5 is definitely worth while checking out for all essentials such as

Pretty bra straps

Hair extension

False Eyelashes

Nipple Covers

Handbag Hooks

There shipping is really quick and was in lovely pink packaging with a little bag of haribo which i thought was lovely little extra as i don't know anyone who doesn't like sweets !!!

Thanks again for Catherine at undercover glamour for sending me this product for review

I am not affiliated with the company in anyway i am not paid to give a good review if i didn't like the product i wouldn't review it simple !

Hope your all well

Any questions please comment below

Take Care

*gemmalou* xxx