Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Collection xx

Hey lovely people i have actually found the time in my "busy schedule" to do a little post on my new found love for Illamasqua products and there new s/s12 collection.
To be totally honest i have felt really uninspired lately to do any sort of blogs or reviews on anything that was until i went for my first visit to the Illamasqua Flagship store which can be found on beak street just off regent street. It was awesome i went on the 15th March which was a great day for 2 reasons 1. My birthday and 2. It was the realise of the new Human Fundamentalism collection, i was like a kid in a candy shop!!!!

The staff were super help full and really friendly cannot praise them enough !
Ill post the link to there facebook page!/illamasquabeakstreet
Anyways on to the collection.

Human Fundamentalism is all about expression your inner alter ego with COLOUR!!!
The collection has some amazing promo images

I love the fact that this collection is vibrant and colourful its a little different to there previous
collections (which are all still fab) but they definitely have done good!
I have purchased a few products from this collection and am so pleased with them

This is the Neutral Palette I am completely in love with this palette you could litterly just have this in your make up bag and have day and evening makeup its lush !!
The colours that are in the palette are
Stealth (top left) which is a lovely creamy buttermilk colour is so smooth to the touch too and blends beautifully.
Vintage (top right) beautiful antique gold colour its not available in a single eyeshadow only this palette it reminds me of the pigment ore with less shimmer.
Wolf (bottom left) lovely warm chocolate brown i find this colour nice to contour with as it blends out beautifully and especially in the socket of your eye it looks lovely.
The final colour is Obsidian (bottom right) its a sexy smokey rich black i much prefer it to a few black eye shadows i have tried as it is so rich in colour.

If you are thinking of buying anything from this collection i would definitely say that this product is the one to go for its versatile for day/evening and nights out. It retails at £30.00 and you can purchase it from

The next palette is the Fundamental Palette as described on the website it is a contrast of textures and colours to express that inner alter ego in this palette you get
Liquid metal in Molten (top right) such a lovely multi use product in a pretty pewter
Matte cream Pigment in Bedaub (bottom left) creamy mint green pigment which has good multi purpose use it can be used to tone down redness and its also a great base for eyeshadow or just to do what ever you want with it.
Hype Eyeshadow (top left) Bright summery yellow this one is the only one i found harder to blend but i can deal with it.
The final eyeshadow is Inception (bottom right) bright violet this eyeshadow is probelly my least favourite just because I'm not a fan of purple eyeshadow simple.

This palette also retails for £30.00 and is available at it is fun bright and great for this summer.

The Final product is the Precision Ink in Scribe it is a pure white liquid liner unlike the black liner of this line which is called Abyss which has a gloss finish the white one is completely matte its lovely
Just make sure you give it a bloody good shake before you use it.

This retails at £17.00 and is also available on the website xx

I have purchased some more products from the collection which should get delivered tomorrow :-) so i will review them once i have had a bit of a play with them.
All in all this collection is one of my favourites this year for any brand its fun bright and in your face but there is a softer side in there too and that is Illamasquas moto is "EXPRESS YOUR INNER ALTER EGO" and my god do they do that Good job Illamasqua !!!!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and any requests for reviews ill do my best to get hold of the products if i haven't got them already.

Take Care

GemmaLou xxx